Research Innovation and ROI, Inc. is a dedicated team of research experts that is emerging as one of the leading sample providers in the United States. We specialize in the following:

  • Business to Business Sample
  • Healthcare Sample
  • Large Consumer Studies
  • Difficult Consumer Studies
  • International Studies

Enter your e-mail address to receive more information on our capabilities and win our drawing for up to $5,000 worth of free sample on your next study of $25,000 or more. Must be a valid e-mail with a business, non-generic domain in order to qualify for drawing. 

Whether you are a research firm, a consulting firm, or a corporate research department, we offer the following advantages:

1. Enhanced Feasibility- we will do whatever it takes to finish a study on time and on budget and have aggregated up to 20 sources in a single study in addition to our proprietary sample.

2. Research Expertise- as former heads of research departments with extensive design experience, you can feel better knowing that your study is managed by highly seasoned professionals that can add more value than most when needed.

3. Custom Recruiting via Linked In/Mixed Mode/Specialized Lists

4. Speed- We will aggregate multiple sources together to finish faster than most when a study is time sensitive

5. Value- While we are not always the least expensive, we are usually less expensive than higher end sample providers and brokers.

6. Deep Expertise in the Sample Space- our Executive team has reported to the CEO of leading sample companies, conducted customer satisfaction studies

for sample providers, and served as consultants for companies entering the sample space. We understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of different sources and will match our source selection to your needs.

7. Design assistance- even if you are designing a study in-house, do you feel better knowing that seasoned researchers are looking at it and making suggestions- even if you are not paying them to do so?

We are not good at traveling or buying people lunch. Instead, we like to do something that will actually help you and demonstrate intellectual credibility.

SO we will include up to 3 hours of survey design/editing time at no additional cost on your first sample project with us.

We will also design a 15 minute survey for you for free when you spend 25k or more with us in a single project (new clients only)

However, we need to be able to bid on your studies to demonstrate our success. Please contact us at or

214-536-3955 for immediate assistance with your sample needs. 

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​"I cannot imagine doing a survey without you"- Top Management Consulting Firm

"True Partner, pleasure to work with..."- Corporate Research Department

"Surprisingly, you save us money about half the time."- Research Firm