​Business to Business Sample

Our double-opt in Business to Business Panel is sourced through:

  • Corporate Partnerships where a controlled subset of customers are invited into the panel after screening for title, decision-making authority over a variety of product and services categories
  • Offline and Online Recruiting through LinkedIn
  • Facebook Professional Targeting- Facebook targeting includes the ability the ability to target by industry, company, title and validated through LinkedIn login at the time of matching
  • Partnerships with E-mail list brokers, affiliate programs with professional and technical websites frequented by executives
  • Invitations hooked on the back-end of telephone studies/partnerships with B to B telephone houses, executive search, Business to Business Advertising Platforms
  • Selective partnering with other double opt-in panels to optimize the firmographic balance attained for particular studies
  • For additional information on our Business to Business Sampling Capabilities, please contact: bhagins@researchinnovationandroi.com here.